You can run, yet you can’t hide

FROM THE COLLECTION: And we call that love?

You can run, yet you can’t hide.

So scared the smell of tradition,

Will arouse your senses.

Too sweet is the temptation.


Refusing to love,

Thinking it will tame you.

Pulling yourself out of gentle hands

Cuz she’s a threat to your run.


But my dear,

Tradition is in your DNA,

Like wilderness,

Runs through her veins.


Be aware,

Cuz what you’re refusing to see,

Will hunt you in your dreams,

Come after you like the ghosts of the past.


The destination,

You long to escape,

Will become your prophecy,

Your monthly horoscope.


Haven’t you noticed,

You can’t escape your faith?

Didn’t they tell you,

You can’t trick life?


She’s gonna remain wild,

Even if you sit a family around her.

You’re gonna stay traditional,

Even if you fly yourself to Marsh.


You can run,

Yet you can’t hide,

From the shadows,

From your legacy.


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