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Abstract paintings are stories made visual.
They’re an invitation to your imagination.
The nature of an abstract is not strict; it doesn’t occupy your mind with perfectionism. It instead leaves all the doors of interpretation open for you to freely and openly discover an intimate relationship between yourself and a canvas.


Making, enjoying, and consuming art is a form of meditation for me. I’m not after grandeur; I’m guided by the exploration of the truth.

Painting is my silent channel of embodying sensations beyond words. I’m led by beauty as an entrance to inner spiritual worlds and fascinated by gentle organic shapes.

My work is spiced up with powerful color shades and created ritualistically.

Painting collections you’re about to discover are the result of diving deep into the mystical and emotional states of human existence.
Their purpose is not just to decorate your apartment yet to calm your mind and invite you to reconnect with your inner greatness.
Every canvas is a story of its own, an individual soul ready to go on a journey to a home where it will spread its unique energy.


Each painting is accompanied by a poem which you will get in two forms – digital and handwritten.

Enjoy the tales of paintings.

BECOMING an artist

The collection “Becoming an artist” is a crossroad captured on canvases. It showcases the transition from a young woman, calling herself a “creative babe,” to an adult woman who’s always in a state of “becoming.”

The collection carries an energy of initiation, transformation, and rebirth.

Are you ready to step into your power? You can’t speed up the process of becoming. It unfolds naturally when you allow it to happen.


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