Note to myself

FROM THE COLLECTION: And we call that love?

Monday note:

Stop falling for guys that need to be saved. 

Save yourself.


Tuesday note:

Stop trying to make men a perfect match. 

Let someone who is already matchy find you.


Wednesday note:

Stop waiting for the one who’s gonna seat you on his motorbike and take you away from here.

Go make your own adventurous life.


Thursday note:

Stop hoping for someone who’s gonna support your dreams.

Fearlessly sail into your creative power.


Friday note:

Stop searching for the embrace of safety, where you could hide from the world.

Cultivate a safe zone inside your body.


Saturday note:

Stop looking for the thrill of life in someone else’s plans.

Be your own your guide.


Sunday note:

Stop longing for someone who will see and honor you.

Recognize your magic.


Everyday note:

And above all, stop doing, stop trying, stop pushing.

Start breathing and surrender to the flow of life.


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