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Waves of emotions.
Movements of plants.
Spirals of thoughts.
Floods of dreams.
Fragments of silence.
Conversations of bodies.
So many entry points to discover what it means to be a human.


If you feel touched by my poetry and paintings or wish to be in contact with it through different mediums, you are invited to join my monthly membership on Patreon.

Here’s how it works:

Loving the poetry


*Get access to yet-unpublished poems

*Receive monthly digital goodies

*Monthly personal newsletter I don’t post anywhere else


Monthly donation: 13eur / month

Digital art


*Everything from the “Loving the poetry” package

*2 bundles of digital art per month:

_Digital art are my paintings, transformed into pics you can use for wallpapers or other non-commercial purposes

_Each bundle contains 5-10 digital pics


Monthly donation: 38eur / month

Print it out!


*Everything from the “Digital art” package

*One printed poetry card / month:

_Poetry cards are monthly picks of my poems. I design cards by myself, using pieces of my abstract acrylic paintings and creating a unique collage of multidisciplinary art, resulting in prints.

_Print is delivered to your door once per month

_You also get a poetry card in a digital printable PDF

_Print size: A5 (14.8 x 21 cm)

_Shipping included!


Monthly donation: 63eur / month

Let's get personal


*Everything from the “Print it out!” package

*Monthly poem written just for you (let me know what kind of poem you would like to get)

*1 week of an open window for new paintings, so you can be the first to purchase new works before anyone else can see them.


Monthly donation: 108eur / month

Donation of your choice

Your donation supports me on my artistic journey. Every artist knows how challenging it is to simultaneously be a solopreneur and a solo artist. The freer I am, the more value I can bring back to the community. My art is here to help you heal while you’re supporting my healing journey at the same time. Feel free to choose your own donation, made via PayPal.

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