Homeless heart

FROM THE COLLECTION: And we call that love?

Homeless was my heart,

Wandering the streets of lovers,

Catching promises of gentleness.


Then you came around,

Turned my world upside down, 

Made me childishly playful again.


For a weekend,

You gave me what I thought I needed.

For three days

I felt loved, adored, appreciated.

For a short moment in history,

I tasted what home feels like.


I can still recall

The memories of

Sitting in your lap on the tram,

Walking hand in hand across the old town,

Intertwining naked bodies in the hammock,

Making jokes about random people.


Visit ended too fast,

Reality check kicked in,

I left quietly.


Crying at the airport,

Rewinding scenes in the night,

Writing poem after poem.


Homeless was my heart before you.

Yet home was found after you.

Home in between the words.


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