Gentle is her nature

30×30 cm

Touch so soft, it gives you goosebumps.

Gaze so mild, it melts your insecurities.

Voice so warm, it rocks you to dreams.

Gentle is the nature, pouring from her heart.

ABOUT the painting

An expressive acrylic on cotton canvas. A painting is a single piece that won’t be recreated.


Painting is accompanied by a poem which you’ll receive in two forms: digital and handwritten or typewritten on the old typewriter.


Painting is shipped in its original form – the canvas is stretched on wooden bars to protect layers of color from cracking (which could happen if a canvas was rolled and sent in a tube). Shipping is possible worldwide. The price of shipping is calculated individually and varies from continent to continent. Insurance is included in the shipment price.


For more information and order, please send an inquiry to

I also accept custom-made painting orders.


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