Single art pieces are not the only way to be in daily contact with paintings. I found it frustrating to think about paintings being lost in the void once they find a new home. So I've decided to also give them a chance to live in a digital form.


I am taking close pics of every painting I make and transforming them into bundles of digital art.

You can use those precisely as you wish (as a phone wallpaper, print it and put it on the wall, or use it on your social media). The only rule is that if you use pics on the internet (for personal, not commercial use), you add copyright to them (remember, art is here to enjoy it, not steal it).

If you wish to use painting pics for commercial use, please contact me, and we'll find a reasonable agreement.


You can buy a single digital art bundle or join my Patreon membership and get monthly access to collections. Each bundle contains 5 to 10 digital art pieces from the same canvas.



ORDER a single bundle

If you fancy a specific painting bundle, you can order 5-10 digital art pieces without joining my Patreon membership. 

The price of each individual bundle is 36eur. 


Copyright does apply. You can use pictures for individual use only. If you wish to use them commercially, please contact me, so we can find a solution. You can not use the purchased digital art pieces to transform them into NFT or other profitable forms of use. Remember, art is here to enjoy it, not steal it. 


Payment: After you submit the form, I’ll contact you and send you a PayPal / Revolut link to complete your purchase.




Wish to have access to a new painting bundle each month? Join me in Patreon membership, where I launch two bundles every month.

Each bundle contains 5 to 10 digital art pieces from the same canvas.

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