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storytelling = a soul of a brand

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You walk into an ice cream shop and spot so many delicious flavors.
Which one will you choose today?
You surely ain't a vanilla person, and you're looking for a cup of happiness.

The same stands for business - not every taste can make everyone happy.
Some flavors are oh-so-obvious, and others are extravagant and mysterious.
Which experiences are you after this time? The comfort of chocolate, freedom of coconut, the freshness of mint, spiciness of turmeric?

As our taste in foods changes, so do our perspectives on business. I believe we shouldn't be slaves of our entrepreneurial mindsets, always on a quest for more growth, more income, more, more, more.


There’s a phenomenon I call “evolution.” It takes experience and a certain level of awareness to start understanding that building a business is more about freedom, serving people, and enjoying its creation, than following the idea of fast growth and hacking tricks.

The soil of joyful, sustainable business is a story.
The story that connects all parts of a brand and is told day in, day out.
If you trust in the intertwining of poetic thinking, storytelling, and branding, your creative nature will thrive doing online business.

I've been working as a solopreneur, brand storyteller, and a storyselling mentor
for 6+ years.


My job is to provide a bed for your river of creativity and to verbalize what you yet don’t know how to put into words.

If you’re standing at the crossroad and wish to bring some magic of stories into your online presence, send me an inquiry.

Let’s see where the flow will take us.

PORTFOLIO + case studies

I am here to observe the secrets of the world, provide space for all emotions my heart desires to feel, and give my learnings back to the world in the form of poetry, stories, paintings, movement, and more.

Short’n’sweet answers

What kind of service do you provide?

I combine three roles:
MENTORSHIP approaches (helping your team to transform their copywriting skills into storyselling).
CONSULTING for bringing clarity about the story and the next logical steps on your brand's journey.
HANDS-ON writing / storytelling.

What’s your expertise?

Quite an intimate type of storytelling / storyselling, spiced up with some funky vibes.
My all-time favorite form of brand writing is a newsletter , followed by an "about" storyline and blog posts. I also understand how to transform longer stories into snackable content for social media.

What does working with you look like?

First, relationships.
I believe in human-to-human communication before anything else. If there's no space for conversation, communication, and getting to know your brand in depth, we will have a hard time creating together.

After intro conversations and aligning your wishes and expectations, I am pretty independent and work as an extended part of your team.

Before we officially start collaborating, I also provide a structure, schedule, and all the information for you to feel safe in this relationship.

Which types of business interest you?

I, indeed, can't work with just any type of business. Themes that excite me the most are:
coffee & cacao & tea, books, spirituality, art, body movement, travel, nature / outdoors, health & wellness, personal growth, and creativity.
You could call me a mixture of vagabond, growth junkie, spiritual nerd, nature lover, artist, and gourmet of all senses.

I work with small and mid-size businesses that have already built some level of their (online) presence and wish to bring more life, more story, and more authenticity into their work.

I don't work with corporate-style business models since my language is quite lively, relaxed, and poetic.

What are your starting rates?

Well, depends on the project. Yet, since I need quite some "brain power" to dive deep into your story and brand, each collaboration has a starting rate. Working with me starts from 3000 eur on.

PS …

I am not a native English speaker. So I surely won't use oh-so-goddamn-complex vocabulary. After all, the market is global, and many of your customers may have difficulties if a language becomes too fancy.


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